In the world of home services, capitalizing on storm opportunities can make a significant difference in revenue generation. However, waiting for weather reports and reacting to storms isn't always the most effective strategy. That's where PSAI Weather comes in – a powerful marketing engine designed to help businesses identify, target, and reach homeowners proactively, even before competitors have a chance to knock on their doors.

PSAI Weather leverages over a decade of historical storm data, enabling businesses to spot potential storm opportunities before they hit. With detailed insights into hail sizes, wind speeds, and home counts, businesses can swiftly pinpoint lucrative storm campaigns.

Launch with Ease

Launching a storm campaign with PSAI Weather is seamless. Businesses filter storms based on their criteria, from hail size to wind speeds, ensuring precision targeting for maximum impact.

Precision Targeting

Geofencing capabilities allow businesses to target residential areas at the city, street, or household level, ensuring campaigns reach the most relevant audience for higher conversion rates.

Facebook Integration

PSAI Weather integrates seamlessly with Facebook, facilitating the creation of branded storm campaigns with lead capture tools. Campaign setup is swift, ensuring businesses engage and convert their audience efficiently.

AI-driven Insights

PSAI's AI storm assessment provides homeowners with individual damage reports, fostering engagement and lead generation. Canvassers benefit from customized reports, maximizing efficiency in approaching potential clients.

Streamlined Communication

All leads generated flow into a communication portal, enabling businesses to manage appointments, send texts, generate reviews, and launch referral campaigns effortlessly.

Get Ahead of the Storm

With PSAI Weather, home service businesses can maximize storm season revenue and enhance brand visibility. By embracing proactive storm marketing, businesses can capitalize on opportunities efficiently and effectively. Don't wait for storms to pass – leverage PSAI Weather and elevate your storm marketing strategy today.