Future-Proof Your Lead Generation with
Predictive Sales A.I.

Leverage cutting-edge A.I. technology to transform our data into actionable insights, driving targeted lead generation and an optimized sales strategy for unparalleled growth in the home improvement industry.

Spectrum PSAI Platform
Spectrum Globe

Smart Leads, Smarter Sales with A.I.

Harness the power of machine learning to provide your company more online opportunities, backed by artificial intelligence to convert those opportunities more effectively.

Audience Builder

Build your most precise audience based on years of lead generation and property data to identify high-intent homeowners in your market.

Ads Manager

Guided campaigns that are proven to be effective and give contractors the ability to be in control of their lead volume, no matter your marketing expertise.

Lead Capture Tools

Engage your website visitors and convert more leads with drop-on lead capture apps to provide more conversion opportunities online.

Lead Management

Instant customer portraits will give your sales team the ability to sell more effectively, while our communication portal improves customer service, leading to a more satisfied customer.

PSAI's Software Set Provides Year-Round Value to Home Service Companies

Our tools are built for the home services industry with features to optimize performance in each season. From generating referrals in the off-season, to capturing demand in peak season, while driving weather leads during storm season, our software will help produce a strong return on investment annually.



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