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The Industry's Most Precise Hail Swaths

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EWI delivers the industry's most accurate hail swaths directly to your inbox. Since you don't take the weekends off, neither do we. That means free hail swaths every morning, seven days a week.

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Understand a Storm's Path For Better Marketing

With a more accurate hail swath, you’ll know exactly where hail hit in a given area so you can be sure your marketing resources are utilized more efficiently and effectively.

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Industry’s Tightest Swath Tolerance

With our proprietary storm tracking technology, our hail swaths outperform everyone in the industry. Our swaths are 4x tighter and accurate within 1 km, delivering the utmost precision to your business.

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Weekly Storm Recap

Each week, EWI delivers an in-depth nationwide recap and forecast of extreme weather events. With key insights into these weather event zones, you’ll have the power to make better decisions and generate storm revenue.

Historical Storm Data

Our expert videos compare historical storm data with current weather patterns, giving you deeper insight into the season’s potential and how you can plan your operations for the weeks ahead.

Predictive Storm Insights

With cutting-edge weather technology, Dr. Victor Gensini and our team can map a storm’s path and deliver actionable insights so your team can effectively allocate resources.

Trustworthy & Transparent Data

Dr. Gensini is a PhD climatologist and extreme weather expert, so you can be sure the data you receive is from a true expert within the industry.

Learn How to Market a Storm with PSAI Weather

PSAI Weather combines Extreme Weather Insights with artificial intelligence to give contractors the ability to determine storm opportunity and market to homeowners effectively and efficiently.

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