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Hail and Wind Analytics

PSAI Weather is your storm analysis and marketing engine complete with over 10 years of storm data! Our software features both hail and wind activity to identify homes that were affected by large hail, high winds or a combination of them both! Learn more about our Free and Premium services below!

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What is PSAI Weather?

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PSAI Weather is the marketing engine your company needs to identify storm opportunities, target custom audiences and advertise to precise homeowners to generate lead opportunities.

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Receive Free Daily Hail Swaths

Storms of all kinds can experience hail and damage a home. PSAI’s Extreme Weather Insights delivers the most precise hail reporting to the half inch, every day. You can enjoy this for free!

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Free Daily Delivery

You’ll get a free hail swath delivered to your inbox every morning, seven days a week by subscribing to Extreme Weather Insights.

Tightest Swath Tolerance

EWI hail swaths are the most accurate swaths on the market. Our hail reports are 4x tighter than other swaths and are accurate within 1 km, so you’ll know a hail storm’s exact path.

Know the True Impact


Our swaths take your data to the next level by giving you ability to quantify how many homes were impacted by each size of hail in specific areas that you target of a storm.

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Get Weather Insights with Videos

When you subscribe to PSAI’s Extreme Weather Insights, you’ll receive a free weekly video by Ph.D. Climatologist, Dr. Victor Gensini.

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Weekly Weather Recap

We deliver an in-depth nationwide recap of extreme weather events with key insights so you know which markets were impacted and its severity.

Historical Storm Data

Our expert videos compare past trends with current weather patterns so you can align your sales strategy with a storm.

Expert Insights

With superior technology, Dr. Victor Gensini and our team can map a storm’s path and deliver actionable insights so your team can effectively allocate resources.

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Market the Storm

Contractors can now go much further than generic advertising to hail areas. With PSAI, you can truly market a storm by exporting homeowners within a swath, build your brand through automated social campaigns, and generate storm leads!

Identify recent storm

export homeowner info

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PSAI storm campaign

Identify The Opportunity

Our team will identify every property and homeowner that was affected by the storm in your Service Demand Area and create a custom marketing campaign to get in front of them on social and Google networks.

Market The Storm

Once your custom audience has been identified, our digital canvassing efforts will put your brand in front of these homeowners with a strong call-to-action, including instant history of weather events at their property, thereby converting a storm audience into a high volume of lead opportunities.

Sell Smarter With Predictive Portraits™

Your sales and marketing team may not have the time to build an accurate customer profile, but our AI tools do. From household data to storm history, know who your customer is before you sell to them.

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Book More Appointments with Weather Widget

Maximize your storm traffic with the industry’s first Weather Widget, now available to PSAI customers!

Generate Revenue with Storm Campaigns Generate Revenue with Storm Campaigns

A Smart, Self Service App

With Weather Widget, you don’t need a team of designers to create a custom app for your website. This application can be dropped on your website in minutes, making it a game changer for a storm audience.

Convert More Storm Traffic

Using A.I. this application will instantly tell your customer the last 10 storm events that occurred within their property from hail size to damaging winds, while also assessing a risk level to their home. This info provides incredible urgency, offering another opportunity to connect with customers and convert traffic on your site.

Predictive Portraits™ with Every Appointment

For every weather inquiry, also receive a PSAI Predictive Portrait™. Each portrait details customer information, property data, storm history and quality of lead, so you can enter every appointment as an expert and close more deals.

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Start Taking Advantage of Storm Opportunity

With daily alerts, interactive maps and storm lead generation campaigns, your storm opportunity is waiting for you! Just fill out the below form to get started!

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