DreamHome Remodeling on Using Customer Portraits with PSAI
Predictive Sales AI delivers insights into all aspects of your home services business.

Predictive Portraits Make Every Sales Rep an Expert

Predictive Sales AI enables your team to efficiently operate your business while better understanding your current and potential customers.

Quote From Nish Patel

"The customer profiles in PSAI allow our sales people a complete background of the consumer they are about to see. So they can actually strategize and formulate a game plan around one the most important first steps of a sales presentation, which is the warm up.

Predictive Sales is a good fit for any company that revolves around lead generation. "

- Nish Patel | VP | DreamHome Remodeling

Understand Your Customer with the Click of a Button

For each lead that enters your system, PSAI generates a consumer profile, called a Predictive Portrait, so your team can better prepare for sales appointments and enter every appointment as an expert. Predictive Portraits are like a customer study guide for your sales reps. Instead of having them assess everything about a customer the moment they’re in an appointment, Predictive Portraits allow your sales reps to fully prepare for each meeting so they can deliver a better customer experience.

Predictive Portraits make every sales rep an expert. If you’d like to learn more about how you can better understand your leads and increase your net revenue, connect with our team today.

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