Burnett Home Improvement Runs More Appointments with Visual Quoter
PSAI’s Visual Quoter maximizes the efficiency of your sales funnel with easy-to-run virtual appointments.

Conduct Virtual Appointments from the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Save the travel time and meet with more customers when you use Visual Quoter for virtual-in home estimates. Visual Quoter increases your efficiency and allows you to instantly connect with homeowners to boost sales and close more deals.

Quote From Eli Farrell

"Visual Quoter is a really key tool for us. We can see this being the future of our industry in terms of how the future homeowner may want to be interacted with. So we made a decision to get on board with Visual Quoter and start advertising and setting up virtual appointments. It’s become a great tool so guys aren't sitting [at home] with COVID-19, they are still able to run leads through this tool and we’ve also just used this as a time-saver. For leads that might be an hour away, it’s a great way to meet with that homeowner while saving our company time and saving them time. I see this as being a huge part of how sales are done in our industry in the next 20-30 years."

- Eli Farrell | Marketing Director | Burnett Home Improvement 


Boost Your Sales with the Streamlined Efficiency of Visual Quoter

Visual Quoter makes it easy for your sales team to run more appointments and generate more proposals, with features including: 

  • Screen-Sharing Technology: With Visual Quoter’s screen-sharing functionality, there’s no need to change your sales process. Visual Quoter allows you to share the same marketing assets as you do during an in-home appointment, directly from your desktop.
  • Automatic Contact Manager Sync: Visual Quoter automatically attaches video recordings to your quote request within the contact manager, making it easy to reference specific projects throughout the sales cycle.
  • Social Advertising Asset: With an upward trend in online impressions, convert more of your audience and keep your sales funnel full by advertising Visual Quoter as a way to easily conduct appointments with homeowners. 

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