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PSAI Weather Case Study

Not familiar with PSAI Weather? Check out this video to learn more about our solution to social lead generation!

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Bella Construction Case Study

Sometimes homeowners aren't aware when high winds impact a roof so when Bella Construction launched a storm campaign informing homeowners in PA, they were able to educate and convert 58 leads in just one month!

  • $2500 Ad Spend
  • 38 Leads
  • $65 Cost-Per Lead
  • March 6 - April 5

Benchmark Exteriors

Large hail produced roof damage in a very precise area of Rockford and when that happened Benchmark launched their campaign immediately, driving 27 leads in just 7 days!

  • $2,838 Ad Spend
  • 27 Leads
  • $37 Cost-Per Lead
  • June 29 - July 6

Launch Storm Campaigns Before Your Competitors

With PSAI, you can truly market a storm by exporting homeowners within a swath, customize an automated social campaigns and generate storm leads!

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Fortified Roofing

Sometimes it does not take a large budget to generate results. Fortified ran a one-month campaign following a storm and generated 24 leads for under $700!

  • $679 Ad Spend
  • 27 Leads
  • $28 Cost-Per Lead
  • April 20 - May 20

Rapid Roofing and Restoration

By using our precise targeting tools, Rapid Roofing was able to identify homeowners that were most impacted by extreme weather than came through their market and generate contacts at $51 per lead.

  • $761 Ad Spend
  • 15 Leads
  • $51 Cost-Per Lead
  • April 1 - May 19


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