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Help contractors take advantage of every opportunity in their market! Predictive Sales AI offers GAF Contractors expert insights on the revenue potential in their unique market and the A.I. solutions to help them capture more business and grow their brand.

WeatherHub Powered by P.S.A.I.

The upgraded WeaterHub is here! When severe weather affects your contractor's area, show them how to be prepared to serve and grow their customer base with this easy-to-use, all-in-one weather tool. During this webinar, contractors can learn upgraded features and receive training on how they can optimize their process for capitalizing on storm damage!

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Extreme Weather Analysis in Your Market

Give your contractors a custom analysis of the storm season in their market. Join Dr. Victor Gensini, VP of Atmospheric Data Science and the PSAI team to get an inside look into the current storm season. Your contractors will learn how to maximize storm opportunities using the latest A.I. Weather platform & Ads platform to reach homeowners down to the street level and keep their sales funnel full for the storm season and beyond.

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Maximizing Social Lead Generation with Artificial Intelligence

Your contractors will get an inside look into PSAI's suite of tools designed to optimize their social lead generation. We’ll discuss how building brand awareness begins by crafting the right audience, and how PSAI’s Custom Audience targeting gets their company in front of their ideal market. Your contractors will be able to take their social advertising to the next level through smart tech to generate high-quality leads.

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Additional Webinar Topics:

  • Storm Marketing Campaigns: Learn how to launch storm campaigns and drive storm leads with our precise weather technology.
  • A.I. Referral Marketing: Leverage past projects to reach local homeowners through digital campaigns powered by A.I.
  • Website Lead Capture: See how we've built lead capture tools to convert more website traffic into demos for your team.
  • A.I Lead Generation: Our A.I. marketing engine is built for contractors as a self-service solution for social lead generation.
  • A.I. Sales Tools: The power of A.I. and machine learning gives contractors the ability to increase closing rates.

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