You Have a Storm Marketing Engine At Your Fingertips!
These expert tips will help set up your campaigns for success!

Storm Campaign Best Practices

PSAI has years of experience running successful campaigns and fine-tuning the software that makes PSAI Weather a success. With a few clicks of the button, you can have a campaign ready to go but these suggestions will help you run your campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Find Your Storm

Storms that are current will be top-of-mind and will catch user’s interest more. Have a storm that just happened last week, great! Storm from last month, good! Storm from last year, may not get the same traction.

Expert Tip: Target a storm the same month it occurred but if you must go back further, make sure it is sizable hail that will leave a lasting impression for a homeowner.

Filter Your Storm

Target only the damage that warrants the homeowner as a customer. Whether that is 1 inch or 2+ inches, make sure you define your audience to minimize your list cost and maximize the reach to your highest quality audience.

Expert Tip: Use a minimum hail size of 1 inch and supplement the storm campaign with a geo target around the fringe areas.

Use Multiple Polygons

Our audience selection tools allows multiple polygons to target areas as precise as the street or home level. So instead of drawing a large polygon which may include opportunities at varying levels, be precise with the audience you target and again, minimize your list cost and maximize the reach to your highest quality audience.

Expert Tip: Draw one polygon per swath epicenter. Try and accumulate an audience large enough to get traction on Facebook (1,000-5,000 homeowners) to allow more traction of your ads.

Set Your Budget

Our storm campaign software leverages precise audiences with low cost marketing strategies on social media, so you can make sure your small investment goes a long way. So set your budget accordingly. Our average cost per 1,000 impressions is about $10. So if you want to target 1,000 people can get 1 impression from them, your budget should be $1. However the ideal amount of times to get in front of a potential homeowner is around 5x. So to touch those 1,000 homeowners 5x your budget should be $50. If you have an audience of 8,000, then to touch them 5x, your budget should be approx. $400.

Expert Tip: Use a budget 5-7% of your audience size.

Set a Campaign Length

You’ll want to target your audience, without overdoing it. Ads coming out in too short of a window get you tuned out, too slow will lose urgency. So using the above goal of 5 touches, you’ll want those to come throughout a 2-3 week period. Have a larger audience? You may want to extend that to around 4-5 weeks.

Expert tip: Use a campaign length of 2 weeks for audiences under 10,000, 3 weeks for under 20,000 and 4 weeks for anything larger.

Use Appealing Ad Creative

You want to stop a user from scrolling mindlessly through Facebook or Instagram. So to do that, you’ll want an ad that speaks to them directly by using unique locations and dates that will resonate with the user. Don't worry our automated ad copy will help you do this. Just add you final touches!


Expert Tip: Use an image of the swath and a location of the storm that will relate to them locally. Provide a soft call-to-action that will get them to take the next step like “see if your home was hit by hail”

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