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Precise Hail and Wind Report at the Home Level

Verified Extreme Weather Reports Powered by PSAI

A verified PSAI weather report uses cutting-edge algorithms that ingest data from the network of National Weather Service Doppler radars in addition to verified hail and wind reports from social media and other sources. Verified reports represent an upgrade from a standard weather report as they allow users to view the highest precision extreme weather swath possible on a map at the address level.

Get a Verified Extreme Weather Report in Seconds

Support your roof estimates with extreme weather reports custom to each property. Verified Extreme Weather reports go a step further than traditional weather reports by equipping your team with accurate storm data.

  • Hail & wind swaths for every storm at a property
  • Map grid functionality to zone in on impacts 
  • Algorithmic storm modeling by Certified Meteorologists

Verified Extreme Weather Report Usage Notice 

The data in this report may be used for the designated address only. This product is meant to be advisory in nature. It is intended for the sole use of the customer(s) named herein.