A storm’s potential has a small window of opportunity for contractors before it becomes anyone’s game. When a storm strikes, it’s important for your team to know what happened and where the damage hit so you can reach homeowners first.

Introducing PSAI Weather Hail Swath

Extreme Weather Insights’ Hail Swath arms your team with the most accurate storm information so you can harness a storm’s potential for your business.

What is the Hail Swath?

PSAI Weather's Hail Swath is delivered to your inbox every morning, before you work day starts. You’ll see a list view of every city in the US affected by hail. By clicking into the daily swath, you’ll see the full hail swath overlaid on a map of the US. The interactive map allows you to click to see individual areas hit by hail, with the city name, zip code, and diameter of hail displayed.

What Does Hail Swath Bring Your Business? Here’s Why It Works:

It’s Free. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for general hail swaths, PSAI Weather's Hail Swath is totally free.

It’s the Most Accurate on the Market. Our Hail Swath is 4x tighter than the leading industry swath. PSAI Weather can determine within 0.6 miles where hail occurred. That’s compared to the 2.4 mile radius you’ll get from other swaths.

Receive a Free Weekly Insights Video. When you subscribe to PSAI Weather, you’ll receive a video each week from our PhD Climatologist, Dr. Victor Gensini. Each video recaps last week’s hail events, provides photos and map views of hail size and damage, and discusses US Climatology trends so you can understand what every weather event means for your business.

Receive Free Hail Swaths Today

If you’re ready to generate more revenue through storm data, subscribe to PSAI Weather. Take your business to the next level by getting the most accurate storm information today.