Extreme Weather Insights: Weather Insights That Matter for Contractors

You see weather reports constantly. From weather apps, to storm alerts, to social media posts, there’s a lot of noise in the weather space and a lot of conflicting reports. We’ve all been there when summer storm hysteria turns out to be nothing more than a light drizzle, and we’ve all stood in the middle of a snowstorm when our apps show blue skies and sunshine.

As a contractor, how can you make the most out of weather when there are so many reports and opinions?

Introducing Extreme Weather Insights

Extreme Weather Insights is a weather subscription designed to bring you weather reports that matter for your business. Each week, EWI delivers a video directly to your inbox by our PhD Climatologist, Dr. Victor Gensini. You’ll know what hail events occurred in the past week and what’s on the horizon before anyone else in your market.

EWI delivers video content for free and paying subscribers.  Here’s what’s included in every video:

·  What happened last week. See where hail hit, the damage done, and how it compares to the rest of the country.

·  What we’re on pace for historically. See what each weather event means in the larger picture and where the weather trends are heading.

In addition to the free content above, paying subscribers will receive a longer video that includes:

·  Future Forecasts. See what’s coming in the next week before anyone else in the market. With accurate storm reporting and forecasting, you can adjust your strategy to account for new storms and target specific areas of homeowners who will need your services. 

With Extreme Weather Insights, you’ll be able to prepare your staff for incoming business. Whether that’s through canvassing, paid advertisements, or by adjusting your operational procedures, you’ll get a head start on a storm, so you can turn weather events into revenue.

Start Receiving Weather Insights Today

Getting accurate insights has never been easier with Extreme Weather Insights. To receive weekly videos, click here to sign up.