Every property has a history. If you don’t know how to use that history, you’re leaving money on the table. That’s why we built PSAI’s Weather Widget, so your team can set more appointments and generate more sales.

What is Weather Widget?

Weather Widget is a free, self-service app that lives directly on your website. When a customer enters in their home address, Weather Widget returns the last three weather events that occurred at that property and provides the option to schedule a free roof inspection.

Once an appointment is set, a soft appointment flows into your Weather Widget dashboard. A customer’s household information, property data, and storm insights are delivered to your rep in an easy-to-read Predictive Portrait. The best part? There are no upfront costs or monthly maintenance and user fees. You only pay when a customer sets an appointment.

What are the benefits? Here’s what you can do with Weather Widget:

Increase Engagement. Weather Widget is an innovative way to engage with customers and generate interest in your services, so you can set more appointments and increase your bottom line.

Convert Traffic. By providing a free solution to customers concerned about weather damage to their home, Weather Widget makes it easy to convert more website traffic and stay on top of your leads.

Easy & Free Installation. Other widgets may require website designers with coding skills, but not Weather Widget. When you sign up, simply drop the code on your website to start connecting with customers.

Consumer Insights with Every Appointment. Every appointment in your queue includes a Predictive Portrait, giving you insights into the homeowner, property data, and weather event history. Your team will be prepared to walk into an inspection ready to close the deal.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to harness the power of weather to connect with customers and set more appointments, click here to sign up for Weather Widget