Predictive Sales AI is the result of decades of digital marketing experience for home improvement companies. By combining industry insight and cutting-edge software, we’ve built an artificial intelligence engine that works at every level of your business. But what types of home services companies can benefit from Predictive Sales AI?

If your company has a marketing strategy to generate leads, a website that converts leads into appointments, a sales team that meets with customers in the home, Predictive Sales AI is the tool you need to take your business to the next level.

"Predictive Sales is a good fit for any company that revolves around lead generation."

How Does PSAI Enhance Your Operations?

Predictive Sales AI delivers insights into all aspects of your home services business. Here’s what it can do for each department:

Marketing: Empower your marketing team with performance data to create more effective campaigns. PSAI delivers marketing source reporting for all online and offline sources. Know how your sources perform by lead volume generated, by Predictive Match Index, and by net revenue over time. 

Operations: Manage your inbound leads and streamline your operations. Every lead that enters your system generates a Predictive Match Index, evaluating the likelihood of an appointment generating net revenue for your business.With this information, your team can prioritize lead flow based on the metrics that are most important to you.

Sales: With PSAI’s Digital Sales Manager, your team can capture more opportunity and close more deals. Your Sales Manager can assign a sales rep with their most compatible lead based on experience, service needs, and the customer’s buying stage. PSAI’s robust reporting features allow you to track performance so you can adjust strategy and set new goals for revenue.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Predictive Sales AI

If you’re interested in learning how Predictive Sales AI can enhance your operations and increase your bottom line, request a free demo to connect with our team.