Predictive Sales AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness the data points you have to deliver precise insights custom to your team. PSAI works at every level of your business, from your marketing and operations, to your sales team running appointments and closing the deal.

PSAI Helps Improve Each Step in Your Sales Funnel

  • Prospects: Know the likelihood a prospect will turn into a sale.
  • Inquiries: Have useful information about your potential customers before you even pick up your phone.
  • Proposals: Schedule your appointments and sales based on our algorithm that will determine the best rep for the job.
  • Customers: Determine what this sale marketing cost are by source and learn how to scale your marketing more efficiently.
How do you know if PSAI is the right tool for your business? Here are some key indicators: 

If you need help with: 

Marketing Clarity - PSAI catalogues all marketing sources and evaluates them by Predictive Match Index, so you can understand how each marketing source, whether online or offline, performs by lead quality. You can then adjust your marketing spend to better reach consumers on the platforms that matter most for your business. 

Prioritizing Leads - Whether you have too many leads or too few, PSAI’s Predictive Match Index assesses the likelihood of a specific lead turning into net revenue for your business so you can prioritize your lead flow. The Predictive Portraits provide a detailed view into each lead, so your team is better prepared to run appointments. 

Recruiting Sales Reps - Recruit the best sales reps by offering them technology and insights they can’t get anywhere else, like complete customer profiles with Predictive Portraits and leads evaluated by Predictive Match Index. By giving them fully assessed leads ahead of an appointment, you’re saving them administrative time so they can instead spend more time closing the deal.

Performance Insights - Retain your top sales reps by having real data to assess their performance and set benchmarks for new growth. When you know how sales reps perform with certain leads, you can give them detailed insights into how they sell, adjust their strategy, and develop plans for the future. 

Scale Your Business with Predictive Sales AI 

Predictive Sales AI uses the data you already have to refine your sales funnel, and it only gets smarter over time. If you’re ready to increase your bottom line with more efficient marketing, smoother operations, and high-performing sales reps, request a free demo to connect with our team.