PSAI’s Predictive Portraits are designed to help your sales team close more deals and provide a better customer experience. Our machine learning tool uses inbound lead information to generate customer profiles and assess the likelihood of leads resulting in net revenue for your business. Each Predictive Portrait includes customer information and historical property data to paint a full picture of every homeowner in your sales funnel.

Customer information can seem straightforward and helpful, but you may be wondering what historical property data can do for your team. Below, we discuss the benefits of historical property data and how your sales reps can use it to run successful appointments. 

How to Use Historical Property Data 

Here’s how your team can use each piece of historical data to better prepare for appointments. 

  • Time in the Home → Finding a need. Understanding how long customers have been in the home can help you determine their "why". Is this a touch-up before a quick move? Is this the big renovation they’re finally ready for? Different intentions can impact the scope and budget of a project.
  • Property Information → Product Alignment. Knowing the age of the home, its market value, and the household income allows you to better align products that reflect the value of the house within the homeowner's budget.
  • Address → Familiarity. Get a current view of the home, its curb appeal, and the surrounding neighborhood so your first impressions are not in real-time with the homeowners, but in the comfort of your office. 
  • Weather History → Potential Damage. Know what damage to look for during the appointment, what products you can recommend, and whether or not there will be insurance claims to handle during the project. 

The historical data in each Predictive Portrait helps you create a fully formed image of your customer, so you can better prepare for appointments. Additionally, you’ll be able to quickly see which elements of their portrait will be most helpful for you during your meeting. The more information you have before your appointment, the easier it is to tailor your pitch to meet the customer’s needs. Soon, you’ll gain an understanding of how you perform with certain customers, allowing you to continuously improve your sales strategy and sell successfully to everyone. 

Start Selling More With Predictive Portraits

If you’d like to learn more about how Predictive Portraits can increase your net revenue and provide a better customer experience, request a demo to connect with our team.