As home services companies move increasingly to digital, there are so many tools at your disposal to help you generate leads, convert customers, convey information, and so much more. With the sheer number of tools and systems available, it’s quite easy to suddenly have dozens of subscriptions to manage.

So, how can you streamline your efforts while still utilizing the cutting-edge technology to generate leads and manage your operations? By having a software platform that does it all. Predictive Sales AI combines the customer-intelligent conversion tools you want with the management software that you need, all in one comprehensive platform. What are the most important digital tools a home services company needs? Let’s discuss the software tools you should have: 

The Most Important Digital Tools for Your Business 

  • Chatbots. A chatbot gives website visitors the option to engage directly with your site to get the information they need on their own terms. Chatbots are becoming more and more necessary as customers’ preferences increasingly move toward automated contact methods. Predictive Sales AI’s chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence, giving your customers the ability to ask questions and schedule appointments, without the need to engage directly with a customer service representative—saving you time and resources. 
  • Hail Subscriptions. If you’re in the exterior vertical, it’s critical that you stay up-to-date on the latest storms in your market. That’s why it’s important to subscribe to hail reports so you can receive daily alerts. With Predictive Sales AI, not only do you receive free hail alerts every morning in your inbox, but you also have an entire weather engine dedicated to nationwide storms, past and present, and digital advertising campaigns. With our tool, you can market directly to homeowners the moment a storm hits an area, or rehash past storms to keep revenue flowing. 
  • Video Software. In times like these, it’s important to have the option to run sales presentations and estimates online, so you can keep your business running. Predictive Sales AI includes Visual Quoter, a video chatting tool allowing you conduct virtual estimates with homeowners. With screen sharing technology, you can share documents and proposals to keep your presentations running smoothly, and with automatic video storage, your recorded meetings flow seamlessly into your PSAI portal.
  • Exit Intent. To decrease the amount of website visitors leaving your site without any engagement, many companies employ “Don’t go” tools. Predictive Sales AI’s toolset includes Exit Intent, a tool that identifies users intending to leave your website and provides an offer or selling point as a pop-up to entice them to take action. Tools like Exit Intent decrease your bounce rate and increase lead engagement and conversion, giving you leads that would have otherwise left your site. 

Get All the Tools You Need in One Platform

There are so many tools and technology available for home services companies to help drive your business forward. If you were to use all of these tools from different companies, not only would that be a lot of technology to manage, but it would also be quite costly. 

Instead of managing multiple tools, you can enhance your sales team and support your operations with one comprehensive software platform. If you’re interested in learning more about Predictive Sales AI’s lead capture toolset and sophisticated platform, request a demo to speak with a member of our team.