The customer journey never ends when you have a comprehensive marketing strategy. Repeat business from loyal customers and referrals for new jobs is a critical component of a scaling business.

Predictive Sales AI delivers an AI engine that drives engagement before, during, and after the sales cycle, making it easy to stay in touch and win more business from your past customers. 

3 Ways to Engage with Past Customers 

Reviews: One of your biggest ways to build social capital online is through reviews generation from satisfied customers. Reviews help attract new customers by adding legitimacy to your work. Reading the words of a past customer holds value in a way that your own words cannot. Reviews also help your online rankings. The more people talking about your business through reviews means that search engines will have more to “crawl”, and the better you’ll perform in rankings. 

Referrals: Getting business through word of mouth used to be the way it was done. Word of mouth is still so important, but you also have control over how to grow your word of mouth business. Providing excellent customer service is a non-negotiable. Then supplementing that customer service with targeted campaigns, either in a specific location or promoting an offer or sweepstakes, or reaching out to past customers through email campaigns to offer special discounts when referring your business to a family or friend. With digital, you have the tools to gain more opportunities than ever through word of mouth referrals.

Featured Projects: Creating a space to showcase completed projects is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. Getting high-quality images of completed works and showcasing them online builds trust with potential customers and drives engagement to your site. Take it one step further and use featured projects to advertise on social and search to convert homeowners into leads for your business. Featured projects provide proof of concept while also helping customers get inspired for their own projects. 

PSAI Makes Engagement Easy 

Predictive Sales AI is an artificial intelligence engine designed to drive growth through engagement opportunities. With a suite of tools that speak to every layer of your business, from marketing to sales to customer service, you’ll be able to communicate with leads and customers through every stage of their buying journey. 

With PSAI’s Texting, Email, and AI Chatbot tools, you can engage with leads and existing customers to set appointments, close deals, ask for reviews, launch ad campaigns, and more. Our social campaign features make it simple to launch campaigns like storm damage ads directly on Facebook to target homeowners in specific neighborhoods and boost traffic to your site. You can ramp up engagement by sending and receiving text messages and emails, and you can chat instantly with customers who visit your site, all without ever leaving your portal. It’s never been easier to engage with new leads and maintain relationships with existing customers with the PSAI toolset.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Predictive Sales AI can help you engage with leads and convert more customers, request a demo to connect with our team.