Predictive Sales AI enables your team to efficiently operate your business while better understanding your current and potential customers. For each lead that enters your system, PSAI generates a consumer profile, called a Predictive Portrait™, so your team can better prepare for sales appointments and enter every appointment as an expert. How do they enhance your team? Let’s break down how Predictive Portraits™ help your sales reps close more deals.

What’s in a Predictive Portrait™? 

Every Predictive Portrait™ delivers consumer data specific to each lead in your funnel. There are three main tenets of every Predictive Portrait™:

  • Household Data: Household data includes important information like the age of the home, its market value, the household income of the potential customers. 
  • Weather History: Using data science and our weather technology, each portrait details up to the 10 most significant weather events that occurred at the property over the past decade. 
  • Predictive Match Index™: An index between 1-5 assesses the likelihood of a lead turning into net revenue for your business. The PMI takes into account the consumer’s household data and property history, as well as the products and services you offer and your typical consumer base. 

What Are the Benefits? 

Predictive Portraits™ are like a customer study guide for your sales reps. Instead of having them assess everything about a customer the moment they’re in an appointment, Predictive Portraits™ allow your sales reps to fully prepare for each meeting so they can deliver a better customer experience. Here are some of the benefits of PSAI’s Predictive Portraits™: 

  • Presell Alignment: With customer-specific insights, Predictive Portraits™ allow you to align the right products, sales reps, and talk tracks to each customer. 
  • Product Alignment: Recommend products that reflect the value of the home and the budget that best suits your customer. 
  • Potential Damage: Set yourself up as an expert by knowing if there’s any weather damage to look for during your appointment. 
  • Potential Insurance Claims: Understand if there is potential retail for insurance due to weather damage so you can better prepare for your appointment. 

Close More Deals with Predictive Portraits™

Predictive Portraits™ make every sales rep an expert. If you’d like to learn more about how you can better understand your leads and increase your net revenue, connect with our team today.