In a constantly evolving industry, it's important to create a marketing strategy that is comprehensive in its reach to generate more opportunities for your business. In 2021, online advertising should be a tenant of your digital strategy. During the pandemic alone, we are seeing more consumers at home and online, making paid search advertising even more valuablein addition to consumers’ already shifting tastes towards digital. 

But how do you get started with online advertising as a home services company? There are many factors to consider when developing an online advertising strategy, but the most critical step is creating your target audience. 

How to Develop Your Audience

It’s important to create an audience comprised of the people who align with your products and services, otherwise you’ll just be spending money without yielding quality results. As a home services professional, here are some key attributes you should consider when thinking about developing your advertising audience: 

  • Older homes. Older homes are in need of, you guessed it, improvements. When creating your target audience, make sure you focus on older homes and not newer builds or home developments. 

  • Older homeowners. In today’s age, there aren’t many 18-25 year old homeowners in need of remodeling services. The most common group of home remodeling consumers are older homeowners who have been in their homes for quite a few years. Segmenting by age is one of the best things you can do in your advertising platform. By narrowing your target demographic by age, you’re more likely to reach more people interested in your services and drive higher quality traffic to your website. 

  • Specific Zip Codes. If you know specific areas may be populated with older homes, it’s important to advertise to them. Additionally, if you know you do well in certain areas, find similar neighborhoods to focus your advertising. More often than not, if one person on a block gets work done in their home, their neighbors might also be in the market for your services. 

Need Help Building An Audience? 

Predictive Sales AI has got you covered. The PSAI Ads Manager is an audience builder and ad creation tool found directly in the PSAI Platform. With Ads Manager, there’s no need to upload lists or create an audience from scratch. Using artificial intelligence and years of home industry expertise, our Ads Manager builds custom audiences for your business so you can launch ad campaigns and reach your ideal audience—homeowners who align with your products, services, and price points. With Ads Manager, you’ll generate more qualified leads at a lower cost through high-converting ad campaigns.


Gaining Deeper Audience Insights

PSAI gives contractors the ability to know your leads and customers at a deeper level. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, PSAI generates a Predictive Portrait and a Predictive Match Index for every lead that enters your funnel. Here’s what is included in every Predictive Portrait: 

  • Predictive Match Index: The PMI is an index between 1-5 assessing the likelihood of a lead resulting in net revenue for your business. PSAI uses a number of factors to measure how well a lead aligns with your products and services.

  • Consumer Insights: Understanding specific insights about your lead can help your sales team build rapport with the customer, delivering a better customer experience and more likely, a closed sale.

  • Home Data: Knowing the home’s age, value, and number of years the customer has been in the home will allow your reps to recommend the right products and services that best suits the home’s age and homeowner’s budget.

  • Storm History: With storm insights detailing the most significant events of the past 10 years, your reps will know the potential damage to look for during the appointment. 

Knowing your leads on a deeper level allows you to better understand your audience as a whole. Over time, you’ll start to see which types of homeowners align best with your business, so you can further refine your audience in your advertising. With the insights from Predictive Sales AI, you’ll drive higher quality traffic to your site and convert more leads into customers for smart, sustainable growth. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Predictive Sales AI can help you generate more leads through smart selling, request a demo to connect with our team.