Predictive Sales AI is pleased to announce a major upgrade to our AI Chatbot scripting: Conversation Buttons. Chat functionality is one of the most valuable conversion features you can have, as it provides a simple way for customers to engage on your site, get the answers they need, and to schedule appointments. 

Now, when a lead engages with GIA, the AI Chatbot, conversations are even more efficient with the addition of Conversation Buttons.

Keep the Conversation Going with PSAI’s Enhanced Scripting Capabilities

PSAI has incorporated Conversation Buttons into our chatbot’s scripting to make connecting with leads via AI even easier. When a customer is engaging with the AI Chatbot, they will be presented with different buttons to confirm conversation points. 

Conversation Buttons provide your team with: 

  • Guided Conversation Paths: Instead of a back and forth conversation of trying to assess a customer’s needs, Conversation Buttons guide them through a series of options to select and confirm, making it easier for GIA to assist customers.
  • Clear Messaging: Ensure there is nothing lost in communication with Conversation Buttons. Giving customers the option to select products or services and confirm details allows GIA to identify their needs and get the job done faster.
  • Increased Efficiency: Conversation Buttons streamline chats and increase the efficiency of the Chatbot, so leads can get answers and set appointments easily while providing them with a better customer experience.

Facebook Messenger Integration

The AI Chatbot is available for integration with Facebook Messenger, so you can connect with customers who visit your Facebook page. With the AI Chatbot, all Facebook Messenger conversations automatically flow into the Communication Portal, with PSAI summarizing all contact information including customer name, phone, and home address. By enhancing the AI scripting with Conversation Buttons, it’s even easier to connect your chatbot to your Facebook Messenger. 

Integrating Facebook Messenger with the AI Chatbot will provide your business with not only another conversion opportunity, but a way to use your organic Facebook page to generate more leads at no additional cost. PSAI includes this integration in every package, so you can sit back and enjoy more lead conversions, without using any additional resources. 

Start Converting More Leads with the AI Chatbot

Engage and convert more leads with the power of PSAI’s AI Chatbot. With enhanced scripting to include Conversation Buttons, you’ll connect with leads more efficiently to get the answers you need to start projects. The AI Chatbot is another conversion tool in the PSAI suite, so you can generate more revenue while providing a better customer experience.