Today’s world is all about instant connection. Connection and engagement are the cornerstones of our increasingly digital society. As a business in the home improvement space, you’ve nailed down in-person interactions, as you’ve made it your job to step into people’s homes and improve their lives. 

How can we improve connections before the first day on the job? PSAI’s suite of tools combine years of home industry experience with A.I. technology to deliver an engine that considers every step of your funnel. One of our features, the A.I. Chatbot, provides a connection opportunity when you can’t be there in person. With the A.I. Chatbot, you can: 

Increase Engagement while Optimizing Resources 

A growing number of consumers prefer chatbots when interacting with a business. PSAI’s A.I. Chatbot allows you to connect with users on their terms by providing another engagement opportunity on your website. 

If you don’t have an agent available? Not a problem. GIA is the A.I.-powered Chatbot that can help you schedule appointments and handle customer inquiries at any hour of the day. If you’d rather transfer communication to a team member, GIA can automatically send the information to an agent, who can pick up the conversation from there. All conversations are stored in the Communication Portal making it easy for your team to reference at any point throughout a project.

Generate More Facebook Leads

Our A.I. Chatbot connects with Facebook Messenger, allowing you to engage with customers who visit your Facebook page. The same A.I. chat technology applies when it’s connected to Facebook, so customers can ask about products, hours of operation, and schedule appointments just like if they were on your website. 

As always, all conversations and lead details automatically flow into your Communication Portal so there’s no need to keep special tabs on Facebook leads. Our chatbot provides an additional conversion opportunity within your organic Facebook page so you can generate more leads without any additional cost. 

Boost Your Reviews 

You can use the Chatbot to request reviews from satisfied customers to help build your online reputation. Requesting reviews has never been easier—Our chatbot has the technology built right in! Simply click the “star” icon and your pre-loaded review platforms will appear. Select the review platform you’d like to direct the customer to leave a review and send them the link! The customer will receive a link on their desktop, or through Text if they opted to Chat on their mobile phone, and they can immediately fill out the review! 

The Chatbot makes it easy to get more real-time reviews from happy customers, boosting your online reputation and creating more opportunities for future customers. 

Provide A Better Experience with the A.I. Chatbot

With PSAI’s A.I. Chatbot, it’s easier than ever to connect with leads and customers. Use the Chatbot to schedule appointments, handle inquiries, and provide exceptional customer service. Whether you want to chat with a customer yourself, or have GIA handle the conversation, the A.I. Chatbot provides your team with another avenue to engage and convert customers. 

Learn more about the opportunities available to you with PSAI by requesting a demo to connect with our team.