The PSAI Weather team is excited to announce our updates to the PSAI Weather Engine and Interactive Hail & Wind map. Now, PSAI Weather users will enjoy more precise targeting within the weather map and enhanced storm cataloging. 

Here’s what the new update brings users: 

Precise Location Targeting 

We have restructured our interactive map to allow for more precise targeting. If a PSAI Weather user identifies an area of the map and zooms into that location, they will see all the storms in that specific area, as opposed to all storms in the Service Demand Area (SDA) at large.

With this update, there’s no longer a need for a city filter within the map view. Users can still search for cities in the search bar, but now when browsing the map they’ll automatically see the present and past storms in that specific area. This update delivers:

  • Greater clarity within map view.
  • Easy identification of storm opportunity in a chosen area.
  • Catalogued list of past storms in a chosen area with impact view.

Live Storm Feature

This update also includes an exciting Live Storm feature. If a storm is presently happening or has occurred within the past 24 hours, it will appear as “LIVE” when browsing the map. This has removed the need for categorizing storms under a separate “Today” tab. 

The LIVE storm feature improves real-time storm reporting so PSAI users can see the immediate opportunity occurring within an area, without having to account for time zone changes. 

Win the Storm Season with PSAI Weather 

PSAI Weather delivers real-time storm reporting and storm rehash functionality directly to your fingertips. With this update, you’ll enjoy enhanced visibility into storms in your area, making it easy to launch digital door knocking campaigns to build brand awareness and generate storm leads. 

To learn more about how PSAI Weather can improve your bottom line by providing new growth opportunities to your business, schedule a call with our team. We’ll review your unique market and the lead opportunities available to you so you can start generating storm revenue.