Do you have a lead generation and management system that provides year-round value? If not, it’s important to consider how your marketing and sales tools enhance your operations to reflect your business during all seasons. Predictive Sales AI is the artificial intelligence engine with a suite of tools to generate leads and drive revenue growth to your business. Our toolset considers every step of your funnel, delivering a comprehensive growth strategy that’s rooted in success. Let’s talk about the year-round value our tools provide your team. 

Here’s How Our Tools Work for You 365 Days of the Year:

PSAI Weather

Our weather engine uses proprietary storm technology to give you insights into nationwide storms through dedicated digital door knocking campaigns. When a storm strikes, you’ll instantly see the hail and wind breakdowns in a designated market area, along with home counts. You can then launch digital ad campaigns targeting homeowners directly in a swath to increase brand awareness and generate leads. When storm season is over, you can launch campaigns targeting past storms because our engine catalogues storm data from the past decade. Your team can use the post-storm season to rehash unconverted audiences to generate revenue from past storms. 

AI Chatbot

GIA, the AI chatbot, is designed to engage with customers without the need for additional resources. If customers visit your website and have questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, our Chatbot can handle it all. While the chatbot can handle interaction entirely on its own, your team can also enter chats to communicate directly with customers, giving you flexibility on how you manage your chat services. Most importantly, the AI chatbot provides weekend relief when resources are thin. With a 24/7 chat, you won’t have to worry about a pile of inquiries on Monday morning. GIA manages your leadflow and engages with customers to push them further down your sales funnel, all with the power of artificial intelligence. 

Reputation Management

The PSAI Communication portal allows you to generate customer reviews via text. When communicating with a customer via chat, simply send a review link that’s already built into your portal. You can now generate reviews with the click of a button, no need to make sure you have the correct link or customer contact information. When leading up to the busy season, you can use this tool to get positive reviews from recent customers. Additionally, this tool makes generating reviews so accessible, that now you finally will have an easy way to generate year-round reviews. Reputation management doesn’t have to be a cycle of hot and cold spells. With PSAI, you can receive company reviews on an ongoing basis 

Texting Numbers 

With PSAI, your offline marketing sources are also tracked and analyzed in our AI engine. We understand the importance of a marketing plan that addresses all aspects of your business, and as a home services company, offline sources are a significant portion of your marketing efforts. With PSAI’s texting numbers, you can place numbers on banners and yard signs to spark immediate customer engagement with your AI chatbot. When a customer texts the number, GIA will automatically begin communicating with them to answer questions and set appointments. During homeshow season, you can begin engaging with and converting leads before you even get back to the office. 

Visual Quoter

Visual Quoter allows you to conduct virtual in-home estimates and consultations with customers, regardless of location. With Visual Quoter, you have screen sharing technology so you can present your usual materials without the need to edit your sales presentation process. Videos are automatically attached to the lead information and stored within PSAI, making it easy for team members to reference the video  throughout the project. When you’re in the thick of busy season and resources are thin, Visual Quoter gives your team the ability to run appointments more efficiently. You’ll be able to tackle more estimates and generate sales that otherwise would have taken more time and resources.

Sweepstakes Campaigns Bring the home show to the homeowner with high-performing sweepstakes campaigns! When your call center or sales funnel needs a boost, a digital home show campaign can provide exactly what you need. With high lead volume and low costs, this proven strategy is what you need as your disposal.

Enjoy Year-Round Value with Predictive Sales AI

With PSAI, you're not just getting a tool that helps your business in a certain area or during a specific time. Every tool within your suite is designed with your business and workflow in mind. You’ll be able to support your sales and operations more efficiently and with greater insight to grow your business. To learn more about how Predictive Sales AI can scale your business effectively, request a demo to speak with our team.