Do you have a multi-faceted lead generation strategy for your business? It’s not just enough to market your business online and call it a day. At PSAI, we understand that diversifying your marketing channels is the key to smarter lead generation. Our engine is designed to grow your brand through what we like to call the 4 S’s to Smarter Lead Generation. Here’s how you can grow your opportunities and how PSAI can help you get there:


Search lead generation is a critical part of a strong lead gen strategy. After all, we use search engines for just about everything. Advertising on search is a valuable way to get your brand seen in an increasingly competitive market. 

As a Google Premier Partner, PSAI has an exclusive program to get you started with Google Local Services, a pay-per-lead generation program for contractors vetted by google and backed by the “Google Guarantee”. We make it easy to launch GLS ads to get your business in front of customers already searching for your services. With complete onboarding support, we make it easy for you to get started generating low-cost, high-intent leads on search.


We don’t have to tell you that social is everything. Advertising on social media is one of the most important ways you can build brand awareness and generate leads. You have the ability to create audiences that have specific interests and align with your target demographics, not to mention it’s a place where a majority of consumers are spending an increasingly large amount of time.

PSAI is equipped with a full Ads Manager, making it easy to launch custom ads without the need for a social media team. You can also launch A.I.-recommended ads, complete with high-quality imaging and A.I.-optimized text. With a full library to manage your leads, you can launch a social lead generation campaign with a few clicks of a button, no social media team required. 


Storm lead generation is a major part of an exterior contractor’s revenue stream, and taking advantage of storms in your market is key to getting your brand in front of homeowners in need of your services.

PSAI’s weather engine has robust data to turn storms in your area into revenue for your team. Simply view a storm, draw an outline of the swath you would like to target, and we’ll generate a custom audience of homes ready for your advertisements. PSAI also has 10 years of historical storm data, allowing you to rehash past storms and canvass large areas to connect with homeowners through retail and restoration.

Site Conversion 

Creating effective advertisements that grab the attention of your target audience is the first step in your lead generation process, the next is converting that audience into leads for your business.

PSAI has a suite of site conversion tools to help capture lead information so your team can get to work. Whether you’re interested in our A.I. chat, Exit Intent to capture last-chance visitors, A.I. quote forms, a weather widget that provides custom weather reports for site visitors, and more, you can launch as many PSAI apps as you’d like to capture leads for your business. 

Generate More Leads with the 4 S’s

If you can invest time into developing solid lead generation strategies that target search, social, storm, and site conversion, you’re on your way to earning robust opportunities and growing your business. However, you don’t have to do it alone. PSAI makes it easy to capture leads in every area with our unique tools powered by A.I. and years of home services industry expertise. 

If you’re interested in learning how you can expand your lead generation and increase your leadflow, connect with our team for a free, personalized demo.