The PSAI team is excited to announce the arrival of the industry’s first A.I. Weather Engine. With A.I. Weather, contractors can power their storm season with weather data and A.I. tools to generate year-round revenue.

Go Further this Storm Season with the A.I. Weather Engine 

PSAI took a two-pronged approach to designing the A.I. Weather Engine. By combining 10+ years of historical storm data with A.I. technology to turn storms into revenue, the A.I. Weather Engine allows contractors to take an active, not passive, approach to weather. With A.I. Weather, contractors can grow their opportunities with the tools and insights designed to maximize every storm’s potential. For just $99/month, contractors will enjoy: 

  1. Interactive Storm Maps: In addition to daily hail & wind alerts sent to your inbox, contractors have access to 10+ years of interactive maps to browse storms in their area. Complete with street-level assessments, contractors can see exactly how deeply a storm impacted their area and make smarter decisions about pursuing a marketing strategy. 
  2. Home Counts: For every storm, past or present, access home counts to see the number of homes impacted by storms. A.I. Weather allows you to target very specific areas of a storm to quantify damage, making a storm’s impact clear for your business. 
  3. Website Conversion: Look up any home’s storm damage history with the A.I. Weather Widget—a drop-on app that provides website visitors with an instant storm damage report. With the option to schedule an inspection, the A.I. Weather Widget allows you to schedule weather appointments year-round.
  4. Home Damage History: Look up any home’s storm damage with the A.I. Weather Widget to evaluate a roof’s condition. Prepare your team with this information to set yourself up for success during sales appointments or to understand where your canvassing efforts may be most effective. 
  5. Customer & Home Insights: Every lead that enters your A.I. Weather Center is accompanied by a Predictive Portrait™, providing you with customer and home insights unique to each lead. Understand crucial information like demographics, home value, material type, and storm damage. Use Predictive Portraits™ to customize your sales pitch and prepare the right product & service recommendations. Predictive Portraits™ also allow you to align the right sales rep to each lead to improve the customer experience. 
  6. Text Messaging: Engage with leads via texting to provide storm damage reports, answer questions, and set appointments. Ninety-seven percent of text messages are read within the first three minutes of sending. Texting allows you to connect with customers and get answers quickly. Engage in a way increasingly preferred by consumers directly through your weather engine.

Get Started with A.I. Weather Today

The A.I. Weather Engine provides contractors with the ability to fit storm revenue into their operations, with a toolset that makes it easy to connect with homeowners. If you’re interested in growing your opportunities with the industry’s first A.I. Weather Engine, get started today.