Storm season is starting to ramp up and with that comes revenue opportunities. How can you position your business to maximize a storm the moment it strikes your market? The key to success relies upon having the right technology to support your team. Check out how PSAI uses weather data to drive opportunity for your business: 

How to Target a Market After a Storm with PSAI

PSAI has over 10+ years of historical storm data to power our A.I. engine—giving you the ability to reach homeowners impacted by a storm. When a storm strikes your area, here’s how you can use PSAI to power your outreach: 

  1. Investigate. As a PSAI subscriber, you have access to our Extreme Weather Insights platform, delivering daily emails that recount hail impacts in regions across the US. If a storm strikes your area, navigate to your PSAI Weather map to see full impacts of hail and wind. PSAI’s swaths are 4x tighter than other tools on the market, and unlike other tech, our swaths show home impacts down to the street level. 
  2. Identify Your Target Area. If a storm shows potential in your area, it’s time to get to work. Our tool allows you to select hail sizes and wind speeds that align with your strategy. After selecting your impact parameters, simply draw a defined outline of the area you’d like to target. You understand your market better than anyone, and that’s why we give you the ability to define your own service area. 
  3. Build Your Audience. Once an outline has been drawn, our tool instantly calculates the number of homes within your parameters and generates a custom audience list that you can use in your marketing. This list also includes a cost breakdown—so you’ll know your precise budget and can control your resource allocation. 
  4. Launch Your Ads. PSAI is equipped with a full Ads Manager, so you can create and design custom ads directly from your portal, no design experience required. Input your text, upload images and branding, or let our A.I. recommendations take the lead!
  5. Direct Traffic. All PSAI Weather campaigns are accompanied by a high-converting landing page. With strong Call-to-Action messaging, you’ll be able to capture lead information that flows directly into your PSAI Communication Portal. 
  6. Prep Your Team. With PSAI, you can select specific team members to receive notifications when a lead converts. Your reps can use the Communication Portal to immediately start engaging with leads. Set appointments, respond to inquiries, and even unlock customer insights to prepare your sales team and close more deals.

Don’t Leave Storm Revenue on the Table 

The storm season has arrived and now is the time to make the most out of every opportunity. PSAI’s technology supports your in-person efforts, making it easy to get your brand in front of homeowners, generate high-impact leads, and earn more business. To learn more about how your team can launch storm campaigns this season, request a demo to speak with our team.