The PSAI Ads Manager simplifies your lead generation with an all-in-one tool set powered by A.I. and made for home services. You can design, launch, and manage ad campaigns to build your brand and drive more sales. The Ads Manager puts the power of advertising directly into your hands!

Getting Started with PSAI Ads Manager

It's never been easier to create and launch ad campaigns directly from your PSAI suite. Select a campaign strategy that fits your goals from a proven set of options. Whether you launch a storm campaign on Facebook or leverage your past projects to earn new jobs through referral marketing. Choose from AI-powered ads automatically outfitted to your company specifications to reach your ideal audience. Get your ads in front of the right audiences, in the locations that provide the most opportunity for your business. No need to worry about uploading lists, we'll segment the audience for you with our precise AI custom audience builder, to ensure you're targeting quality homeowners. After that, your campaign should be ready for launch!

Driving High Intent Leads

We directly match your custom audience on the most engaging platforms, creating compelling lead generation ads, targeting high intent homeowners. Your tool set works with different platforms like Facebook, Google local services, and Google search, to reach a wide audience through multiple channels. Your lead conversions flow back into your PSAI suite for seamless lead management. Tap into the communication portal with chat, text, and email to engage with leads, and book appointments.

PSAI Ads Manager Case Studies

You don't have to be an expert marketer to create compelling ads with the PSAI Ads Manager. You can launch effective campaigns to drive quality traffic and convert more leads. Check out some of our clients that have had success getting in control of their lead generation with PSAI.

Cole Roofing

This roofing client in Durham uses the Ads Manager to get in front of high-intent homeowners and has successfully run multiple campaigns to drive new opportunities at a very-effective cost-per-lead.

  • $1908 Ad Spend
  • 32 Leads
  • $59 Cost-Per Lead
  • Aug 15 - Sept 2

Hutcherson Construction

Our Ads Manager helps keep your outbound lead generation fresh, making it easy to keep new ads in front of your targeted audience. This Michigan company was able to drive 26 decking leads leads with their ongoing ads manager campaign.

  • $1,766 Ad Spend
  • 26 Leads
  • $67 Cost-Per Lead
  • Jan 1 - Mar 25

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use PSAI Ads Manager to build your brand and drive more sales, request a demo to connect with our team.