The 2023 severe weather season left an indelible mark on the United States, especially for roofers facing the challenges posed by hail and gusty winds. In this blog, we'll delve into the key highlights, the impact on the roofing industry, and how you can turn these challenges into opportunities for your business.

Hail Takes Center Stage:

While the overall number of hail reports in 2023 was average, what set this season apart was the colossal size of hailstones. The impact was substantial, with a staggering 2.5x the average number of reports featuring baseball-sized hail or larger. This led to over 12 events, each causing more than $1 billion in insured losses. The epicenter of severe hail events? Colorado, Texas, and Kansas.

Wind Dominance Continues:

Wind, a perennial player in severe weather, again dominated the season with a total of 17,123 reports. This dynamic underscores the importance of preparedness for both hail and wind-related challenges in the roofing industry.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

As we transition to winter and early 2024, the presence of El Nino conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean signals the potential for increased severe weather activity across the southern U.S. Roofers need to stay vigilant and adaptive to navigate the evolving landscape of storm-related challenges.

Empowering Roofers with PSAI Weather:

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Unlocking Storm Leads:

PSAI Weather's cutting-edge software, backed by over a decade of storm data, empowers roofers to identify and quantify the number of homes affected by extreme weather conditions. Whether it's large hail, high winds, or a combination, our Weather Impact Assessment equips you with the insights needed to target your marketing efforts effectively.

Seize the Opportunity:

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Navigating Storm Challenges with PSAI Weather:

The 2023 hail season brought its share of challenges, but with PSAI Weather's expertise and tools at your disposal, you can turn these challenges into opportunities for growth. Stay informed, stay prepared, and let PSAI Weather be your guide in navigating the dynamic landscape of severe weather impacts.