Staying ahead of severe weather and effectively engaging with customers impacted by storms are vital goals. That's where WeatherHub, powered by PSAI, plays a pivotal role. Join us as we explore how WeatherHub, alongside GAF Warranty Notifications and PSAI storm marketing solutions, is revolutionizing the industry for contractors and homeowners alike.

Exclusive Events for GAF Contractors:

For those who haven't attended, our exclusive in-person events offer insights into WeatherHub's groundbreaking features, including GAF Warranty Notifications. Learn about upcoming enhancements and premium options like launching effective storm campaigns. Keep an eye out for an event near you to experience WeatherHub firsthand and stay ahead in the industry.

The Ultimate Storm Tracking Tool:

WeatherHub isn't just your average weather app. It's a comprehensive hail and wind tracking software armed with over a decade of historical storm data. Its interactive maps allow users to pinpoint hail and wind damage with precision, thanks to filters for all hail sizes and wind speeds. But WeatherHub goes beyond basic tracking:

  • Geofencing Technology: With this advanced feature, contractors can quantify the exact number of homes impacted by extreme weather, providing invaluable insights into potential opportunities.
  • Extreme Weather Forecasting: WeatherHub doesn't just tell you what's happening now; it predicts storms up to three days in advance, empowering contractors to prepare and strategize effectively.
  • Unlimited Address-Level Reports: Accessing hail and wind swaths, along with a 10-year history report, on individual addresses enables contractors to tailor their approach and prioritize leads efficiently.

Simplifying Roof Maintenance:

In collaboration with Predictive Sales A.I., GAF has enhanced WeatherHub with an innovative feature: Warranty Notifications. This game-changing addition streamlines roof maintenance and repairs, particularly during severe weather conditions. Here's how it works:

  • Streamlined Process: Contractors receive instant notifications when extreme weather threatens their market, allowing them to proactively reach out to homeowners and offer timely inspections and repairs.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Homeowners benefit from proactive roof maintenance alerts, ensuring their homes remain protected and minimizing the risk of costly damage.

Storm Marketing Solutions:

WeatherHub doesn't stop at tracking storms—it helps contractors capitalize on them with PSAI storm marketing solutions:

  • Identify the Opportunity: PSAI's team identifies every affected property and homeowner within a contractor's service area, enabling tailored marketing campaigns to reach them effectively.
  • Market the Storm: Through digital canvassing efforts and automated social campaigns, contractors can elevate their brand and generate high-volume lead opportunities from storm-affected homeowners.
  • Sell Smarter with Predictive Portraits™: PSAI's AI tools provide in-depth customer profiles, equipping sales and marketing teams with the insights they need to close deals more efficiently.

GAF contractors receive a special $100 monthly discount on PSAI – saving you $1,200 annually!

The combination of WeatherHub, GAF Warranty Notifications, and PSAI storm marketing solutions revolutionizes how contractors navigate extreme weather events and market their services. By harnessing the power of AI-driven technology, contractors can stay ahead of the competition, provide exceptional service to homeowners, and maximize every storm's potential.