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Tailor your sales, communication, and closing strategies with a laser focus. Understand your team’s performance in seconds by seeing where they excel.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing and sales team with performance metrics by:

Easy-to-read Index

Average Sale

View full performance summaries by total appointments, qualified leads, and average net sales by Predictive Match Index.

Data-driven alignment

Predictive Match Index

Understand how each Predictive Match Index performs with your team with PMI reporting by net sales.

Easy-to-read Index

Marketing Source

Evaluate your marketing ROI with source performance breakdowns by PMI, revenue, and total leads.


Predicted Sales: Insight Into Future Revenue

PSAI doesn’t just evaluate incoming leads, it delivers insights into how your business will perform with future ones. Predicted Sales provides:

Estimated revenue based on lead volume & data

30-day prediction output into lead performance

Quality breakdown by Predictive Match Index


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