Sales Scorecards - Powered by AI

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Maximize your team’s potential and grow your department by the numbers with sophisticated performance reporting.
Sales Scorecards - Powered by AI

Use Sales Scorecards to view individual sales rep performance by:

Predictive Match Index

Predictive Match Index

Understand how your rep performs with each lead type to get a clear picture of their sales style.

Total Revenue

Total Revenue

Quickly see how much revenue your sales rep produces so you can make decisions and adjust their strategy whenever necessary.

Average Sale

Average Sale

Know your rep’s average sale and closing rate percentage so you can set benchmarks for growth.


Digital Sales Manager

Dive deeper into your reps’ performance to develop high-earners.

Appointments Sold by Predictive Match Index

Recognize which customer type they align with most for a more efficient sales strategy.

Products and Sources Sold

Understand their top selling products and sources so you can support their growth.

Rep Recommender

Align a sales rep with their most compatible lead to close more deals and provide a better customer experience.


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