Predictive Data Solutions for Home Service Brands
Intelligent data modeling customized to your enterprise for actionable insights that drive results.

Grow your brand with AI Tech to reach new customers and empower your network. Predictive Sales AI’s Predictive Intelligence Data informs network expansion, market opportunity, resource allocation, and brand growth. Understand your customer better than ever before with data unique to your enterprise and backed by A.I.

Customer Alignment

Eliminate Waste with the Right Data Infrastructure

If you had a way to identify your ideal customer base, how would you use that information to your advantage? PSAI eliminates waste in your marketing by identifying the customers who best align with your services, allowing you to only touch the consumers who make sense for your business. Understand your customers base on a deeper level, access Custom Audience lists, and maximize your ROI with Predictive Data powered by PSAI.

Solve Your Customer Equation

With Predictive Sales AI’s Enterprise Solutions, you can identify the three elements critical to understanding your customer and growing your influence.

Find your equation
Find your equation

Solve Your Customer Persona

Your customers are out there, but if you don’t have the framework to identify who they are, then how can you reach them? PSAI uses proprietary data to create customer personas unique to your business, so you can accurately identify and pursue opportunities in your market.


Identify Customers using Data

PSAI identifies the customers who align with your services so you can see the opportunity in a given area.


Create Customer Persona with PSAI’s Predictive Insights & Predictive Match Index.

We take data one step further by creating customer personas of your ideal buyer so you can effectively target customers who convert.


Identify Market Competition & Opportunities.

Understand your competitors’ customer profile to explore further opportunities to capture market share.


Know How to Deploy your Marketing Dollars.

Leverage your depth of customer data to inform your marketing spend and reach the right group with the right message.


Align the Right Sales Reps to Leads.

Use persona data to identify the best sales reps and match them to the right leads. With persona data, you can provide a better customer experience and close more deals.

data infrastructure

Vertically-Focused Data Management Platform Built for Home Services

Predictive Sales AI has built one of the most comprehensive data warehouse platforms for enterprise home service companies to truly understand the opportunity landscape.

Contractor Data Warehouse: Your Total Data Landscape

The PSAI Contractor Data Warehouse provides you with a global view of your data. Consisting of over 800,000 home services companies, you can identify opportunities to grow your network and combine effective marketing strategies powered by A.I. to reach them.

Predictive Match Indexing

Access the PMI data of contractors, distributors, and homeowners in any city, nationwide.

Opportunity By Region

Identify homeowners, their Predictive Market Opportunity, and your historical sales data.

Historical Performance

See how many jobs you’ve sold in a specific region to understand future potential.

Filtering by Contractor & Distributor

See exactly where contractors and distributors are located to inform your outreach.

What Powers Your Data?

PSAI’s Enterprise Data Solutions combines historical data with algorithmic modeling to provide your business with actionable insights that make responsible scaling a reality.

1st Party Customer Data Ingestion

All first party leads are ingested into the PSAI Platform to assist in building data models for accuracy in real-time.

Weather Data

PSAI catalogs a 10-year weather history for every property. Access past, present, and future events allowing for both preventative and rehash opportunities.

Residential Permit Data

The Permit library will include 200 million current and historical permits to cover 85% of all households in the US. Understand the type of project, property owner, contractor employed, and project dollar value.

Glode power date

Home Data

Predictive Insights into every home in the United States to assess property history, home value, house materials, and more.

Homeowner Data

Understand unique insights into homeowner interests, demographic information, employment history and more to create unique customer personas to give contractors an edge in the sales cycle.


Access homeowner and renter data complete with contact information and social profiles to build accurate lead profiles for effective engagement.

data infrastructure

Deepen Your Understanding of the Home

While the rest of the world cares about marketing to the homeowner, we believe in marketing to the home first, with the homeowner as a qualifying factor. Predictive Data allows you to access home insights like you’ve never seen before, informing your strategy and positioning your company for unparalleled growth in your market.


lead generation

Increasing Conversions while Decreasing Costs

Stop guessing and start understanding your customers and your opportunities through Predictive Data.

Drive Engagement for a Solid ROI

Our platform will turn your brand into a national lead generation engine. Optimized for search and featuring your entire network, you will have the ability to drive leads using your brand and convert sales at the contractor level to increase your revenue.

Digital Media

Built around organic and paid marketing, our platform will allow you to increase your digital media presence by 10% or greater.


Support your digital marketing with in-person canvassing to exact homes and homeowners identified by PSAI.

Drive Engagement
Drive Engagement

Automated Targeting through Custom Audiences

Our algorithm is optimized to your product offerings and establishes precise audiences for both your brand and network, allowing you to apply efficient lead generation strategies that yield results.

Persona Data

Send the right message to the right homeowner at the optimal time. Use this data to enhance your display ads, canvassing efforts, and traditional marketing sources.

A.I.-Powered Marketing

Once a custom audience has been defined, your software allows customers to instantly launch a proven marketing strategy with curated content on multiple platforms.

network support

Support Your Network

Take your contractors to the next level with software that supports them through every step of their sales funnel.

Boost Lead Conversion

Boost Lead Conversion

AI Widgets to engage website visitors, capture lead information, and turn leads into repeat customers.

Keep Leads Engaged

Keep Leads Engaged

With engagement tools that keep the conversation going, contractors can turn every interaction into an opportunity.

Increase Sales with Predictive Insights

Increase Sales with Predictive Insights

Custom insights at the homeowner level so your contractors can prioritize leads and better engage with customers to close more deals.

Increase Sales with Predictive Insights

Build A Strong Reputation

Build a loyal customer base and reach new audiences with tools that make requesting reviews as easy as clicking a button.

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