If you could have a head’s up into expected hail and wind activity in your market, how would you use that information to your advantage? The PSAI team understands the importance of preparation, especially during storm season, and is pleased to announce a new feature in the Weather Engine—PSAI Forecasting!

With Forecasting, contractors can receive alerts about anticipated extreme weather and investigate the impact in their market, allowing them to turn upcoming storms into revenue for their business.

Prepare for Storm Events with PSAI Forecasting

The PSAI Weather Engine supports your team through every step of the funnel and now with Forecasting, you can get started with outreach before a storm strikes your area. Here’s what you can expect from PSAI Forecasting:

  • Forecasted Hail Size & Wind Speed: Understand the anticipated impact of storms in your area. With breakdowns of hail size and wind speed, you can see if an upcoming storm will have consequences in your market. 
  • 3-Day Forecasting: PSAI’s email notifications will alert you if a forecasted storm event is expected to occur in one of your noted service areas. Detailing today, tomorrow, and the next day’s weather events, you’ll see how your week is predicted to shake out, allowing you to better plan your strategy. 
  • Storm Classifications: Within each forecast is an assessment of upcoming storm potential via storm classifications. Using a scale of 1-5, you’ll be able to see how much of an impact a storm may have on your area, allowing you to prepare your team for specific action. 
  • Interactive Swaths: Our tech doesn’t stop with email alerts. Go deeper with each forecast by accessing interactive maps directly from your email. Just like past storms in PSAI Weather, you can pinpoint your exact area of interest to see hail sizes and wind speeds within a swath.
  • Home Counts: Each swath includes home counts down to the street level. With this information, your team can truly understand a storm’s potential in an area and start preparing your outreach efforts.

PSAI Forecasting gives you the data you need to make smarter decisions this storm season. 

Make Storm Season Count with PSAI 

The power of storm season is in your hands with PSAI Weather. Prepare your team for upcoming storms with new PSAI Forecasting, launch into action when storms strike, or use your PSAI Weather Engine to turn past storms into new opportunities. 

To learn more about how you can power your storm season with PSAI, request a demo to connect with our consultants.