Predictive Sales AI and Modernize Announce Strategic Partnership

Last month, Predictive Sales AI and Modernize proudly announced their strategic partnership. Now, for the first time ever, Modernize will deliver sales leads and appointments directly to home improvement contractors’ Predictive Sales AI engine. Together, the two companies will increase contractor conversion rates and maximize customer success.

A Strategic Partnership Making Waves in the Industry

Modernize is a leader in home improvement lead generation by connecting qualified contractors to homeowners looking for their services. As the pioneer in artificial intelligence software for home services companies, Predictive Sales AI delivers key insights into leads to improve a contractor’s sales funnel. With this partnership, contractors can now access Modernize leads directly through their Predictive Sales AI engine.

Elevating Home Improvement Leads

Contractors can take high-quality Modernize leads and enhance each appointment with insights and analyses unique to Predictive Sales AI. Here’s how contractors can take their Modernize leads to the next level with the PSAI engine:

Rep Recommender: By understanding the key attributes of both your sales staff and your inbound leads, PSAI recommends specific sales reps for appointments. Now, you can align a sales rep with their most compatible lead, improving the customer’s experience and increasing the average closing rate for each sales rep.

Predictive Portraits: PSAI generates a Predictive Portrait for each Modernize appointment. Each portrait delivers customer information, property data, and property storm history, creating a clear picture of each lead so a sales rep can tailor their pitch and recommend the products and services that align the best with a customer’s needs

Predictive Match Index: The PSAI engine generates a match index for every lead that enters a contractor’s funnel. With an index of 1-5, the Predictive Match Index assesses the likelihood of a lead resulting in net revenue for a business, allowing sales managers to prioritize their lead flow and align the best fitting rep to each lead.

Predictive Sales AI’s Ty King on the Alliance

“This partnership with Modernize is unlike any we’ve engaged in before. It is based on the shared understanding that the more we help our customers grow by leveraging their data, the more our own businesses will succeed” said Ty King, CEO of Spectrum & Predictive Sales AI.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Predictive Sales AI can increase your closing rate and generate net revenue for your business, request a demo to connect with our team.