Understanding your sales team’s performance is critical to reaching your goals and setting new benchmarks for growth, but it’s often hard to gather and analyze your data to make meaningful decisions. That’s why we built Sales Insights into Predictive Sales AI, a feature of our tool that harnesses your data to deliver real-time insights into your sales department.

Sales Insights Delivers: 

Sales Rep Performance: Understand your team’s performance instantly with Sales Scorecards. See a high-level overview of each sales rep’s net revenue, average sale, closing rate percentage, and average sale by Predictive Match Index. View individual profiles for an in-depth look at products sold, sources sold, and personality traits they identify with most closely. 

Insight Into Future Leads: With PSAI’s Predicted Sales, you’ll see an estimated aggregate of your next 30 days worth of revenue, categorized by Predictive Match Index. How? Predicted Sales takes your past ninety days of data and uses machine learning to predict how many sales you’ll generate by revenue and PMI. 

Product Insights: See which products your sales reps sell most successfully with breakdowns by products sold vs. assigned. You’ll also see how your overall business sells certain products by the numbers. Product-based insights helps you manage your inventory, adjust your buying strategy, and close more deals.

Sources Sold: View your lead sources to see which marketing channels are generating the most revenue for your business. Your marketing leaderboard displays source performance by average PMI, total revenue, and total lead volume. Click into each source for a deeper look into performance by 30 days, 90 days, or the total year. 

Area performance: Understand top performing geography and truly see where your business is most successful by the numbers. With yearly net sales broken down by percentage of your total revenue, you’ll understand where you’re successful so you can adjust your strategy and focus on the right areas.

Generate More Revenue with Sales Insights

If you’d like to elevate your sales department with in-depth performance insights, request a free demo to connect with our team. Start seeing the benefits of a data-driven sales team today.