The team at Predictive Sales AI has been hard at work and is excited to announce the launch of our Ads Manager. The PSAI Ads Manager is a tool within your PSAI suite built to generate more leads through effective advertising. With Ads Manager, you have the ability to design, launch, and manage ad campaigns to build your brand and drive more traffic to your business. 

Create & Launch Custom Ads in Minutes

Ads Manager simplifies your social media advertising with an all-in-one ads toolset. With Ads Manager, you’ll enjoy:

  • AI-Generated Ads. Using your products, services, and company settings, Ads Manager will automatically create recommended ads. Combining high-quality images from our image library, AI-optimized text, and engaging design, you’ll have a lead generation strategy that’s ready to launch at any time. 

  • Custom Ads. Create your own custom ads in minutes—Upload images, insert company branding, create messaging that speaks to your audience, and launch for full flexibility in your advertising. 

  • Guided Ad Creation. You don’t need to be a digital media expert to create effective ads—Ads Manager will guide you down different paths depending on your lead generation goal. With guided ad creation, you’ll design an ad that speaks to your goals and your audience, every time. 

  • Geo-Specific Custom Audiences. PSAI uses geo-targeting to push your ads to the right customers for your business. No need to upload lists or build your target market from scratch; we take care of the audience. All you need to do is launch your ads. 

Manage Your Lead Flow

PSAI makes it easy to manage the new leads you’ll gain from your ad campaigns. With PSAI Ads Manager, you’ll have: 

  • Custom Lead Capture Forms. Capture all the information you need when a lead converts from your ad. Grab their name, phone, address, or anything else you may need, and customize with your branding. All of your conversions automatically sync with your PSAI Portal, making it easy to engage with your new leads. 

  • Team Ads View. View your ad inventory directly in your Ads Manager. Whether your campaigns are in drafts, live, or complete, you can see your ad activity to easily manage your campaigns and understand your social lead gen strategy. 

  • Integrated Lead Flow. Your lead conversions will automatically flow into your PSAI Communication Portal for easy lead management. Chat, text, and email to engage with leads, and view customer insights to help your team close the deal. 

Predictive Sales AI is a lead generation and management engine fueled with AI and machine learning to help your team get more done. With Ads Manager, you’ll enjoy a full-service ads creation and management tool to help grow your brand and generate new leads for your business. 

If you are interested in learning more about PSAI’s lead generation tools, request a demo to connect with our team.