Phone calls remain a crucial customer connection for your home services business. Between setting appointments, handling product inquiries, and providing project details, your team spends a significant amount of time on the phone. If you’re not tracking your phone calls, you’re missing a critical view of your business’s performance. 

Predictive Sales AI has full phone call tracking functionality built directly into the suite, making it easy to source and manage all your inbound phone activity. 

Know What’s Making Your Phone Ring with Phone Tracking

Your marketing channels are only as powerful as your ability to manage your leadflow, and phone calls play a significant role in lead opportunities. PSAI gives you the ability to create phone numbers to coincide with any marketing opportunity.

  • Custom Phone Numbers: Create phone numbers for promotions, your sales team, your offline sources, and more. With distinct phone numbers, you’ll quickly see what sources are performing well so you can adjust your marketing spend accordingly. All phone numbers are text-friendly, providing multiple communication options for your customers.
  • Lead Sourcing & Call Forwarding: You can label phone sources to coincide with your marketing initiatives and create forwarding notifications so your phone calls end up with the right person. Quickly see what sources are performing well and adjust call flow easily to manage performance. 
  • Offline Sources, Online Tracking: Bring your offline sources online by creating phone numbers for offline sources. Whether it’s your truck, yard signs, mailers, or any other traditional marketing channel, all calls will flow into the Communication Portal where you can monitor performance for comprehensive lead management.

Track Lead Quality 

Phone tracking not only provides your team with lead management, but it helps you cultivate your marketing performance to align with growth initiatives. With PSAI Phone Tracking, you can: 

  • Manage Lead Quality: Every phone call and voicemail is recorded and stored within the Communication Portal, so you can ensure your team handles leads in a way that reflects your business best. 
  • Grow Your Sales Team: Reference past phone calls to customize your sales training for each member of your team. Additionally, with features like the Lead Source Notification Tool, your team will know what a customer is calling about before they answer the phone, allowing your team to align the right talk track to the call to set more appointments and provide a better experience. 
  • Own Your Leads: Call tracking allows you to create specific phone numbers for your team members, meaning you own the leads who call your business. With the ability to forward phone calls to designated members, you can truly track and manage your lead flow, ensuring you’re the one who owns those leads.

Elevate Your Phone Game with PSAI Phone Tracking

PSAI Phone Tracking gives you the ability to track, source, and manage your inbound phone leads all in one place. Bring your offline sources online, know what’s making your phone ring, and enhance your sales team’s phone strategy with the comprehensive functionality of PSAI Phone Tracking. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how phone tracking can boost your lead generation, request a demo to connect with our team.