Increase your contact rate 4x with Texting!
Email Is Out. Texting is In! Don't depend on email and move your communication to a more effective texting platform.

Reach More Customers with Texting

PSAI Texting gives your team the ability to reach customers in a way they increasingly prefer, while making it easy for your team. Manage text communication directly from PSAI's portal so you can get in touch faster and connect with more customers easier.


Do More Through Text

PSAI’s Texting functionality provides a channel of communication that aligns with customers evolving digital preferences. With PSAI Texting, you’ll enjoy: 
  • Inbound Texting: Whether it’s yard signs, mailers, or digital ads, customers can text your team to inquire about your services, providing you with a new channel of communication and opportunity for  lead generation.
  • Outbound Texting: With outbound texting, you have the ability to switch the conversation over to text to better suit a customer’s needs. Your team can also reply while they’re on the go, making it easier for them to stay engaged and book more jobs. 
  • AI Texting: Tap into your AI Chatbot to manage inbound texting. Whether you want GIA to handle the entire conversation or switch it to a team member, you can use AI to connect with more customers and win more business.

Optimize Your Workflow

We consider every step of your funnel, that’s why our texting functionality works to support your operations with: 
  • Collect More Leads: Offering a common form of communication will boost your lead opportunity coming from all sources of advertising
  • Communication Portal Integration: Your contact information and conversations automatically flow into the Communication Portal and attach to lead information for seamless organization.
  • Reputation Management: Customers are more likely to leave reviews when it’s simple . With PSAI, you can request reviews easily via text. With the click of a button, you can text a review link to your happy customers to increase your reviews and boost your reputation. 

Keep the Conversation Flowing with PSAI Texting

Start connecting faster with customers and communicate easily with PSAI texting. With multiple ways to text, you’ll be able to increase engagement and get more done with texting. Get started today!

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