Providing customers with multiple avenues of engagement is a smart way to get your brand in front of new audiences and increase your conversion rate. As demand for home improvement projects grows, it’s important to stay competitive in the market with tools that help you stand out. For home services companies, one of the fastest growing ways to convert leads and close more deals is by offering financing. 

Benefits of Offering Financing Options to Customers 

Home services companies can offer financing to quickly assess a customer’s project scope and readiness to buy. Financing provides a consistent point of entry for projects, increasing your conversion rate and broadening your base of potential customers. 

PSAI’s suite of A.I. tools includes a dynamic Finance Form that you can place on any website page to capture lead information. The Finance Form is backed by artificial intelligence, giving your team an edge with more engagement opportunities, while offering customers a way to make a project a reality. Leveraging financing offers allows your team to: 

Close More Deals

By offering financing options, you’re giving customers the ability to say yes to a project. Financing allows you to show customers how they can break down large projects into monthly payments that fit their budget. A project that was once out of reach as a lump sum is now attainable with financing. 

Increase Average Job Size 

Not only are you closing more deals with financing, but you're often increasing the average size of the deal. By expanding a customer’s purchasing power, they can say yes to projects that would have otherwise had to wait. Financing allows customers to get the upgrades they’ve always wanted by managing them with affordable monthly payments, while giving your sales team the chance to broaden the scope of a project.

Minimize Risk 

Financing provides your customers a way to say yes to a project while also providing your company with the capital you need to get started sooner. When you utilize a third-party financing company, your business no longer assumes the risk of direct consumer lending. Your customer is happy with the project they can now afford, and your company has the cash flow to keep operations running smoothly. 

Grow Your Customer Base 

Financing options allow you to make your services affordable to a larger group of customers. You can use financing as a powerful marketing tool by showing customers how your company makes home improvement projects accessible. Not only will you broaden your customer base, but you’ll also grow customer loyalty.

Incorporate Financing into Your Sales Strategy with PSAI 

Predictive Sales AI makes it easy to leverage financing offers to website visitors and customers. Our floating Finance Form provides customers with the ability to access finance information immediately while giving you the opportunity to convert leads into customers. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Predictive Sales AI can help you convert more website visitors with financing and other A.I. tools, request a demo to connect with our team.