The PSAI team is pleased to announce a new addition to Predictive Portraits™. Now, all portraits include homeowner personality descriptors. With this information, you can better understand your customer and run more impactful appointments. As a lead enters your system, you can access a Predictive Portrait™ detailing property information, weather history, and now, enhanced homeowner insights. 

Deepen Your Understanding of Your Customer 

Predictive Portraits™ are designed to provide you with the insights you need to sell smarter. Think of these portraits as a customer study guide for your sales reps. Instead of having your reps identify and assess important details while they’re in an appointment, Predictive Portraits™ provides your reps with the most important information prior to a meeting, so they can deliver a better customer experience. 

With the addition of personality descriptors, your team can use this information to customize sales pitches to better speak to a lead. Understanding a homeowner’s personality type allows your team to make informed decisions on how to approach a pitch. Perhaps your lead’s personality type responds well to product facts and numbers, so you can make sure your pitch includes relevant data. Or maybe it’s more effective to appeal to the emotional side of your lead—your sales rep can instead include before and after photos or customer testimonials to make their pitch more impactful. Predictive Portraits™ allows your team to create a tailored sales consultation that closes the deal.

Personality additions to Predictive Portraits™ also allow for better sales rep alignment. If you have a deeper understanding of your potential customer’s personality type, you can align the right sales rep to a lead. For example, if your lead fits the Debater personality, you can use that information to connect them with a sales rep who’s great on their feet and thrives in a back and forth conversational setting. Your sales team is full of charismatic individuals, that’s why they represent your company! With PSAI, you can provide them with the tools they need to better connect with customers and turn every appointment into a sale.

Sell Smarter with Predictive Portraits™

With the addition of homeowner personality descriptions, your team can go farther with your leads. To see how you can leverage Predictive Portraits™  to close more deals and provide a better customer experience, request a demo to connect with our team.