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Your team may not have the time to build an accurate customer profile, but our artificial intelligence tools do—and they do it quite instantly.

Predictive Portraits™ - Powered by AI

Easy-to-read Index

Easy to Read Predictive Match Index™

With a Predictive Match Index™ from 1-5, quickly see the likelihood of an appointment resulting in net revenue for your business.

Data-driven alignment

Data-driven alignment

Every Predictive Portrait™ catalogues the attributes of every lead to deliver a complete customer profile custom to your business.

Easy-to-read Index

Prioritize Lead Flow

Streamline your operations by maintaining your lead pool with qualified, ready-to-buy customers.


Predictive Insights™

Each Predictive Portrait™ is backed by AI and delivers insights specific to each lead in your funnel, revealing your ideal customer traits more accurately than ever before.

Customer Insights

Understand your customer before you walk into an appointment.

Home Data

Know the home you’re selling to, so you can customize your approach to close the deal.

Smarter Insights Over Time

PSAI gets smarter with every interaction, giving you more precise recommendations for every lead.

Prioritize Leads with Predictive Match Index™

At the top of every Predictive Portrait™ is a Predictive Match Index™, a scale from 1-5 that indicates the likelihood of a lead resulting in net revenue for your business. With decades of home services industry expertise, our unique attributes give us a line of sight into industry data points that other companies don’t possess, and each data point is factored into a Predictive Match Index™, making it smarter over time.

Data-Driven Alignment

PSAI has hundreds of data points and unique insights into different subsectors of the home services industry that are factored into every Predictive Match Index™. An index of 5 is not a guaranteed sale, and an index of 1 is not a guaranteed miss; the PMI™ indicates the likelihood of a customer matching with your company’s products and services.

Lead Management

You can use the Predictive Match Index™ to quickly see if a lead aligns with your unique business offerings. With this insight, you can prioritize appointments and align the right reps to each lead to better manage your lead flow.

Boost Your Sales by 10% When You Use Predictive Portraits™

Predictive Sales AI enables your team to efficiently operate your business while better understanding your current and potential customers. Predictive Portraits™ make every sales rep an expert.

Customer Portraits

Stop Showing Up to Sales Appointments Unprepared!

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