How can you boost website engagement and convert site visitors into leads? If you’re struggling to convert leads from your website, you may think you need to redesign your site. At PSAI, we understand that website redesigns are costly, and oftentimes what you’re missing isn’t in the copy or the layout, it’s in the website features. That’s why we developed a suite of lead capture apps that are easy to place on your existing site. Our apps can be dropped on any website in minutes and are proven to boost your conversion rates. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings. 

Lead Capture Apps for Every Aspect of Your Business 

Adding lead capture apps gives you the opportunity to drive more leads from your current website traffic. We’ve designed a suite of tools that consider the multiple facets of your business:

AI Chatbot: We know that consumers love to get answers fast, and that’s why chatbots have exploded in popularity. Our AI Chatbot combines the power of A.I. with a self-service chat to capture contact info, answer inquiries, and set appointments, 24/7. 

Call Tracking: The phone number on your website is a great way to connect with customers, but it means even more if you know where it’s coming from. With PSAI’s call tracking software, you can know exactly what marketing sources are driving phone calls, allowing you to invest effectively into your marketing sources. Plus, all calls are recorded and stored, making it easy to reference back to them at any time. 

AI Texting: Like AI Chat, texting means getting answers fast. Our texting platform allows you to connect with customers in the way they increasingly prefer. Make your phone numbers textable with PSAI and enjoy full integration with our Communication Portal. 

AI Finance: Financing is proven to significantly increase your conversion potential, that’s why so many contractors are offering it! Our dynamic finance widget serves your website visitors with compelling offers. Plus, with instant pre-qualifications, customers can know the type of budget they qualify for and set an appointment with your sales team, before they have time to shop around.

AI Weather Widget: If you serve homes damaged by storms, our AI Weather Widget will complement your storm offerings. The Weather Widget provides customers with personalized weather history reports detailing the last 10 events that impacted their property, while scoring your sales team a valuable lead. 

Exit Intent: Exit intent considers last-chance site visitors and supports your website's engagement rate. Our tool can identify when users are intending to leave your website and will serve them with a compelling offer, increasing the likelihood of conversion and decreasing your website bounce rate.

Check out the video below to see the tools in action.


Enhance Your Website with PSAI Lead Capture

Increasing website performance doesn’t have to require a complete overhaul. With PSAI, contractors are finding more ways to engage with customers and generate quality leads. If you’re interested in learning how PSAI can help you boost lead volume, request a demo to connect with our team.