Hurricane Ian has strengthened into a major Category 3 hurricane and is set to make landfall in Florida. PSAI is the only tool that can track and measure effects of a storm, with insights including wind speeds and home counts. The latest advancement in PSAI's Weather Engine is hurricane tracking ability. 

The PSAI Weather Engine provides contractors with the insights they need during extreme weather events. In regards to Hurricane Ian, we are estimating that over 4.2 million homes will likely be impacted by hurricane-force winds. That means contractors need the right tools to leap into action and serve homeowners affected by storms. 

Support Your Business During Extreme Weather with PSAI

Contractors can access the latest wind speeds, home counts, and projected path forecasted for this storm with PSAI Weather. Our engine is built with the most up-to-date data and designed by our in-house weather team. 

Once your team has identified the areas that will most need your services, our suite of tools will connect you with homeowners: 

  • Audience Builder: Draw custom areas directly in your portal to generate an A.I Custom Audience. You know your market best, that’s why we give you the power to designate audience zones down to the street level and complete with home counts. 
  • Ads Manager: Launch custom ads in minutes with your full-service Ads Manager. Countless homeowners will be in need of repairs so it’s critical to connect them to your brand immediately. 
  • Engagement Center: All leads automatically flow into your Communication portal where your team can text, chat, call, and email with homeowners. We know that major storms are hectic, so PSAI stores every conversation in your portal to keep your team up to date on the latest projects.

The PSAI Team is Here to Help

If you are planning on serving homes impacted by Hurricane Ian, the PSAI team is ready to assist. We are available to walk through our weather technology and develop a plan for putting your brand in front of the homeowners who need your services. 

Schedule an appointment with our team today.