First Year Success Story for All American Roofing
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Our software and services have helped All American Roofing see tangible results in just their first year as a client. By leveraging our lead capture tools and growing a solid foundation, they have been able to scale their lead generation exponentially since launching just 13 months ago.

February 2023 vs February 2024

First Month vs Last Month

Sustained Organic Growth

In just the first year, All American has seen immense growth in organic lead generation tripling the amount of inquires coming from non-paid sources.

Scaled Paid Lead Generation

The biggest area of growth has come from paid lead generation. Only 12 months after launching, All American is now getting 7x more paid leads.

Strengthened Website Foundation

The growth that All American has seen is only possibly with a strong foundation which has grown to over 200 pages with tracking and integration between all of them so no opportunities slip through the cracks.

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