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Feazel uses PSAI's suite of Lead Generation and Lead Capture tools to maximize growth. By building brand awareness through PSAI’s Ads Manager, they launch social campaigns powered by A.I. custom audiences to reach well-aligned homeowners. With an array of lead capture tools to convert leads, they’re able to book more appointments and generate sales. PSAI takes every touchpoint of Feazel's business and supports it with A.I. tech, streamlining operations while scaling opportunities.

Using A.I. to Drive Restoration Leads

Thanks to PSAI, Feazel was able to take the storm season by the horns. By supporting their season with PSAI’s Weather Engine, they had access to real-time storm data including hail swaths, hail & wind severities, and impacted home counts down to the street level. Once a storm hit, they identified the homes they’d like to target and launched a campaign within hours of impact. By implementing low-cost social media campaigns, they were able to generate a significant number of weather leads to strengthen their storm season and support their door-knocking initiatives. 

  • Branded social media campaigns for high engagement
  • Street-level storm identification for precise targeting 
  • Historical storm data to rehash past storms for year-round storm revenue

Converting Site Visitors with Lead Capture Apps 

During the storm season, Feazel captured last-chance website visitors with PSAI’s Weather Exit Intent app and as a result, generated significant site lead volume. Using compelling messaging, PSAI’s Weather Exit Intent app identifies users intending to leave the website and offers personalized weather reports for visitors. These custom reports detail the 10 most significant weather events that occurred at the home and give visitors the ability to schedule inspections at no cost. By providing unique value-added services, Feazel is able to capture more lead information from last-chance visitors and nurture new leads down their sales funnel. 

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