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Google Local Services campaigns have been a foundational element to our clients' lead generation strategies. A robust source of low-cost, high-intent leads, these clients have leveraged the Google Guaranteed badge to grow their monthly volume

DreamHome Remodeling

DreamHome was able to beat their competitors to the GLS roofing market and benefited from that timeliness by getting over 85 leads in a single month!

DreamHome Results:

  • Up to 87 Leads in One Month
  • As Low as $25 Cost Per Lead
  • Lowest Cost Marketing Source

Cochran Exteriors

Cochran Exteriors is a Midwest exterior remodeling company that has made Google Local Services a foundation of their lead generation effort. They have capitalized on GLS by offering their roofing and siding services throughout their service area. By outpacing their competitors, they have enjoyed continued success and a strong ROI from their campaigns.

Cochran Exteriors Results:
  • 27 Leads Per Month Average
  • $29 Lowest Cost Per Lead
  • Up to 32 Leads in One Month
  • Over $45k in Sales from GLS Leads

Mr. Roofing

Mr. Roofing has been the trusted choice throughout San Francisco since 1989 but just recently launched their Google Guaranteed lead generation campaign. Within just 3 months of launching their Google Local Services ad, Mr. Roofing was able to achieve a sub 15% marketing cost!

Mr. Roofing Results:

  • 18 Leads in One Month
  • $23 Cost Per Lead
  • Sub 15% Marketing Costs

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