Offline Sources, Integrated Online So You Know Who's Making the Phone Ring.
Know the volume, quality and return of all your marketing, including offline!

Know Your Audience, Build Your Brand

Online and offline marketing may seem like separate entities, but they should work together to generate the most revenue for your business. With PSAI’s Communication Portal, you can track all offline marketing sources in conjunction with your online sources for enhanced organization and smarter selling.

Know Your Return on Offline Marketing

Just because a marketing source isn’t digital, doesn’t mean you should be in the dark about how it performs. When you invest money in traditional advertising sources, whether it’s TV, radio, mailers, door hangers, or more, the Communication Portal flows your leads into a comprehensive platform, ensuring no lead remains untracked.

  • Understand source performance for smarter budget allocations 
  • Tailor your sales pitch to align with lead source 
  • Invest in the sources that work best for your business

Manage Your Leads More Efficiently

Centralize your lead flow with one sophisticated portal. With PSAI’s Communication Portal, each lead is tracked and stored directly in your platform with source dispositioning, so your team can connect with customers, set more appointments, and deliver services faster than ever before. With the Communication Portal, you’ll enjoy: 

  • Filtering capabilities for precise lead organization 
  • Easy appointment scheduling for offline sources 
  • Access to consumer insights to close more deals

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Grow Your Funnel at Every Stage

A.I. tools to drive traffic, convert leads, and build customer loyalty in one software suite.

Audience Taretting

Custom Audiences

We use precise homeowner targeting to set campaigns up for success. Filter your audience by homeowner demographics and property insights.

Ads Manager

Ads Manager

We match AI audience on social platforms & offer contractors the ability to easily launch their own self-service campaigns, without the need of an outside agency.

Ads Manager

Website Connections

Drop custom applications onto your website - without the need for a total design overhaul. Tools like our AI chatbot or exit intent provide more conversion opportunities and AI insights.

Predictive Portraits

Predictive Portraits™

We produce an instant customer profile for each lead. This AI analysis will evaluate your leads to identify best opportunities to sell smarter and give your sales team insights to close jobs more effectively.

Communication Portal

Communication Portal

From texting to video calling, contractors can communicate with their customers to assure the best customer service and eliminate any barriers to their sales funnel.

Reviews and Referrals

Reviews and Referrals

Turn your last job into your next two. With simple review generation you can build your online reputation. Take it a step further by marketing your past projects to homeowners in their surrounding areas.


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