Capture Every Opportunity with PSAI Weather Return
Weather Insights for Customer Conversion.

Looks Like A Quote Form But Produces Instant Roof Assessments

Using the industry’s most advanced weather data, Weather Return produces a storm report detailing the last 5 weather events that occurred at a customer’s home. With the option for customers to schedule an inspection, your team can set more appointments with Weather Return.

Higher Engagement, Higher Conversion

Weather Return has a higher conversion rate than traditional quote form landing pages, so you can: 

  • Generate more leads 
  • Demonstrate credibility & build trust
  • Have more impactful demos

Run Better Appointments with Predictive Sales AI 

Knowing the history of the property will differentiate your reps from your competitors and give you the opportunity to speak directly on the home's recent damage. But PSAI’s suite of tools go beyond just weather and deliver custom insights. For inbound leads and future customers you can: 

  • Close more deals with Predictive Portraits 
  • Streamline your operations with the Communication Portal 
  • Deliver a better customer experience with Engagement Tools

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