Turn Your Last Project Into Your Next with A.I. Referral Marketing
Leverage past projects to reach local homeowners through digital campaigns powered by A.I.

Earn New Business through Digital Word of Mouth

Don’t let your past projects go to waste, let your work speak for itself! With PSAI Referral Marketing, showcase your past projects to others in the area to gain more local business. Just like a yard sign builds trust within a neighborhood, Referral Marketing takes your projects and goes digital to generate more leads for your business.

Create Localized Social Media Campaigns Powered by A.I.

What do neighbors have in common? Their homes. If you have completed a successful project in a neighbor’s home, it’s likely that your services align well with other homeowners nearby. Launch social media campaigns that work on a local level by leveraging past work and connecting local homeowners. 
  • Feature past projects to showcase workmanship.
  • Leverage customer testimonials to build local trust. 
  • Offer neighborhood promotions for high conversion.

Increase Local Brand Awareness with A.I. Custom Audience Targeting 

PSAI uses artificial intelligence to create custom audiences based on location, so you can target homeowners who live in a specific area and share your desired demographics. 

  • AI Custom Audiences for precise location targeting
  • Strong call-to-actions to convert more traffic
  • High-converting landing pages to capture lead information

Local Leads = High Converting Leads 

Building trust within an area is one of the fastest ways to grow your home services business. PSAI takes lead generation and management a step further with an Ads Manager, AI insights and a Communication Portal, all in one comprehensive platform. 

  • Create social media campaigns in minutes with the PSAI Ads Manager.
  • Use Predictive Portraits™ to understand each unique homeowners and better qualify leads. 
  • Chat, text, and email with leads directly in the Communication Portal for a seamless workflow.  

Turn Your Customer's Neighbors Into Sales

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